Visualise to Soar

 Tuesday 25th May 2021, 11am-2pm
3 Hour Online Workshop to help you find your voice and vibe… Ready to Soar!

Do you ever stop and think about just how successful you really could be? I’m guessing possibly not. Instead, you focus on running your business week by week, client by client, post by post… never quite finding the time to look at the bigger picture. You probably wouldn’t even want to, I mean… daring to dream of how successful you could be and of the lifestyle you could live? Surely that’s just setting yourself up for a fall if it doesn’t happen?

And so, you carry on as you are… playing it safe… plodding on… feeling stuck at the level you’re at…

Wanting to put yourself out there more and to AIM for mor too, yet not daring to ask for it.

Busy-ing yourself by posting random bits of content, engaging in other groups, scrolling waaay too much and creating content to try showcase what you do … yet never REALLY saying what you want to (or not knowing what to say) and never quite sharing your true vision and mission.

And so you hold back, hoping that your dream clients will come to you (which, with the right message and vibe, can totally happen… with a little strategy too of course).
…feeling disheartened when they don’t.

Imagine instead feeling so certain of who you are and in sharing your voice, feeling free to post what you want to post. Showing up with a magnetic energy your dream clients will feel drawn. Your audience engaging and connecting, loving your energy, mission and vibe.

What if I could guide you towards taking the first step to showing up 100% as YOU?
To help you visualise what you REALLY want, to then bring your vision to life?

To feel clear on your values and what your mission is, to start putting it all together and for you to begin to embody you as your brand… Ready to Soar!

"Carly’s [Live] Workshop was just what I needed to get to grips with getting my message out there for 2021.Carly is open, honest, fun and she knows how to get the tools across without it becoming boring or over-complicated. Now I feel confident that there is space for all the things I want to share and that I’m not constantly questioning what I’m doing every day!!"
Grainne Sherry
SEN Parent Coach and Mentor
"This has been so fabulous Carly, my brain is buzzing… in a good way!"
Sarah Atkins
Life & Business Coach

How the workshop will look:

We’ll begin with a goal affirming Future Self-Visualisation, one of my go to tools for accessing what you want to achieve and how success looks and feels like to you. You may have done this previously, yet as your mission evolves and grows… so too will your future vision. Whether you’ve given it a go before or not, this is a powerful tool for beginning to step towards the success you know you can achieve.

Next… we’ll be creating a mission affirming Life and Brand Vision Board. Oh YES. It’s time to grab the pva, and go crazy! Collecting images and décor prior to the day, with a blank notice board at the ready and a few pre-workshop tips beforehand to help you prepare.

You’ll leave this workshop feeling focused, energized and ready to take your next step as YOU… In fact we’ll be finishing the workshop with a little accountability, asking you what your next step will be to take you closer to your future self!

3 hours of Inspiration, clarity, energy and empowered action all for just £87… with renewed belief in yourself, in who you are and what your mission is plus in the impact you can make.

There are just 10 places available for this workshop, I cannot wait to help bring your big
vision to life!

See you there?

Additional Info

Please follow the button above to book your place, selecting the time and date as the only option before making payment to secure your place. Please be sure to enter your email address accurately as once you’ve booked on and paid a Zoom link will be automatically sent to you using the address entered. You’ll receive the link as confirmation, with further details of what you’ll need for the workshop as well as tips to help you prepare.

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