Introducing… The 12 Days of BrandMAS: Revisited

…12 days of Brand Mindset And Strategy (see what I did??) packed full of teachings and mindset hacks to help you check in with or boost your brand strategy- and more- ready to hit the ground running in 2022!

Want to get known, loved and attract more dream clients next year? In a way which aligns and connects with you as much as with your audience? These videos will take you through the steps needed to start making it happen!

You can choose to watch one video a day, binge watch in one go OR simply choose the subjects you feel will benefit you the most and take it from there.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing details of special guest lives which coincide with the 12 days plus there’ll be replays available too.

Time to grab a hot chocolate or a mulled hot drink- plus a pen and paper for when inspiration strikes- and enjoy!

“On the First Day of BrandMAS, my true self gave to me… Kick Ass and Clear Messaging.” (Day One and it doesn’t even rhyme… I know!)

Messaging is what I live and breath, and- really- it needs to be the same for you! Not only will your message attract your dream clients, it will also make you sales too! (NOW it rhymes haha).

I’ve re-recorded this video this year to break my own rules of sharing 5 tips to talk you through what messaging IS- and isn’t- instead!

So… Grab a hot chocolate (or a mulled wine), sit back, and let your 2022 Brand Mindset And Strategy Journey begin!

“On the Second Day of BrandMAS my true self gave to me… tips to help you dazzle with brand photography.” Your brand isn’t just the strategy, it’s the aesthetics too which is a whole different ball game. Yet your design and your branding photos DO come from the strategy side… digging deep to discover your brand values, to then let them show! Once you get to the actual step of having your photos taken however it can feel pretty daunting to let them shine through, so here are 5 tips to help you dazzle and more!

“On the Third Day of BrandMAS, my true self gave to me… a Niche to help with my copy” To Niche or not to Niche? That is the question, and only you know the answer… with a few thoughts and tips from me to help you make it! Do come and find me to let me know what you decide!

“On the Fourth Day of BrandMAS, my true self gave to me… the Power of my Personal Stories” You’ve probably heard the term ‘brand stories’, but do you know why they’re such a brilliant tool and/ or how to use them? Today’s guest expert certainly does, and can’t wait to share these tips with you! Grab a drink, and enjoy…

“On the Fifth Day of BrandMAS, my true self gave to me… a brand that’s so me, and sparkly.” New Years Eve 2020 (when this was filmed) and now heading towards 2022… what a couple of years it’s been… ones I’m sure we’re ready to move on from. The road ahead may still be a little bumpy, but let’s keep sparkling anyway! And so… here are my 5 top tips on how to sparkle in 2022 and beyond, enjoy!

“On the Sixth Day of BrandMAS, my true self gave to me… 5 tips on visibility.” If you’re online, you need to be visible. You know this right? Yet… knowing something and acting on it are two verrry different things. Fear not, here are 5 tips to help you get (and stay) more visible! Enjoy

“ On the Tenth Day of BrandMAS my true love gave to me… my Human Design type and strategy”. Have you explored your Human Design? I have, and I just love the clarity and reassurance it gives! Want to find out more? Watch this video and all shall be revealed!

“On the Eleventh Day of BrandMAS, your true self gave to me… How and Why to use Strategy.” Oh YES… now we’re talking, my favourite S word… Strategy! From prioritising to outsourcing to making sure everything connects… here I share 5 tips to help make your brand and business intentional as well as magnetic!

“On The Twelfth Day of BrandMAS, my true self gave to me… tips on how to be the best ME.” Mindset, such a powerful tool… and one we’ve explored in different ways in the last 11 videos. There’s always room for more though right? In this twelfth and final* day of BrandMAS (*with a bonus video coming up too), Patrice Bisio is here to leave you with even more fabulous tips to get you ready to take 2022 by storm! Here’s how to be your best self, to then put it into your brand and out to the world. Enjoy, and thank you so much for watching!

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