Using the Law of Attraction to Create your Dream Business and Life with Amanda O’Rourke



Using the Law of Attraction to Create your Dream Business and Life with Amanda O’Rourke

How Woo are you? If your answer is ‘not much’ (and especially if you ARE totally woo) then grab a cuppa and away you go.

Here Carly talks to Amanda O’ Rourke all about The Law of Attraction and how you can use it to attract what you want to attract into your life.  Although, WARNING… there are conditions to how to use it too.

Want to know what they are? You’ll have to listen to this episode to find out.

Amanda and Carly also talk about navigating life’s ups and downs plus working around mindset blocks, and how both can hinder creating a business, brand and life you love.

Want to do exactly this? Don’t just work for it (although this helps)… attract it too!

Please do connect with Carly and Amanda following the links below.

About Amanda:

Amanda is a Speaker, Mentor and Inner Calm Coach for High Achieving women in business.

She helps female entrepreneurs to avoid stress and overwhelm by navigating a calm and peaceful route to success. She has 11 years experience of running her own business, selling it for six figures in 2019 and winning several awards along the way. She lives in Horsham, West Sussex, UK with her Husband and two adult sons.

Web: www.happycoach.co.uk
Instagram: amandaorcoach
Facebook: Amanda O’Rourke Coaching

About Carly:

Carly Keighley is a Brand Strategist and Copy Coach based in the UK who is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs to Feel Good in themselves, their message and their Personal Brand to attract more of their dream clients… WITHOUT selling their soul. She specialises in messaging, copy and content and offers a range of 1:1 and group sessions and packages.

She believes in working TOGETHER to create a brand and/ or message which feels in alignment with your values, mission and passions.

Web: www.findyourfeelgood.co.uk
Free Facebook group:  Feel Good Female Entrepreneurs
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/carlykeighley
Instagram: carlykeighleybrandcoaching

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