How To Stay Visible When You Feel Like Hiding Away



How To Stay Visible When You Feel Like Hiding Away

Wooaah, what a week (for anyone listening/ reading this in the future… we’ve just gone back into a national lockdown here in the UK). But… whilst 2021 hasn’t been great just yet… it could still be our year! Time to keep going, yet adapting when needed too.

Whether listening during lockdown or at another time when you’re not feeling so shiny, Carly talks you through 6 tips to help you stay visible anyway… even if at a lower level.

Hang in there everyone, and get ready to shine!

About Carly:

Carly Keighley is a Brand Strategist and Copy Coach based in the UK who is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs to Feel Good in themselves, their message and their Personal Brand to attract more of their dream clients… WITHOUT selling their soul. She specialises in messaging, copy and content and offers a range of 1:1 and group sessions and packages.

She believes in working TOGETHER to create a brand and/ or message which feels in alignment with your values, mission and passions.

Web: www.findyourfeelgood.co.uk
Free Facebook group:  Feel Good Female Entrepreneurs
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/carlykeighley
Instagram: carlykeighleybrandcoaching

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