Following Your Soul’s Purpose with Kiki Kirby



Welcome to the very first episode of Find Your Feel Good for Female Entrepreneurs, formally known as The Feel Good Movement. And what an amazing episode to start this new adventure with. I mean, how dreamy does this title sound?? A little too dreamy perhaps? Or could it be within your reach too? This wonderful guest certainly thinks so…

In this episode Kiki Kirby shares her own soul led journey… from loss, to burnout to celebrating life, talking through the 3 huge challenges she has faced which led to finding her true purpose and inner calm.

Kiki has been on quite the rollercoaster yet talks with passion and gratitude about how her darkest times led her to the light. She also shares valuable tips and tools to inspire you to live your very best life.

Find Your Feel Good is all about inspiring you to feel good in who you are, in your message and mission, and in your personal brand… stepping into who you really are plus who you want to truly become too. This first episode really leans into this mission and may just pave the way for following your soul’s purpose too.


About Kiki:

Kiki is a heart-centered business and life coach living in The Cotswolds, Uk. She has worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with difficult career decisions, burnout, grief, general loss of fervor for every day life yet believes it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Working together, Kiki has seen her clients regain purpose, focus, clarity and reconnect with who they truly are. Using teaching tools, strategies + techniques to slow down to find calmness, clarity + focus on wellbeing, Kiki helps you to feel ready to achieve more in your life, career, and business. 

You can find Kiki at:

Coaching: www.kikikirbycoaching.com


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