Formally known as The Feel Good Movement, Find Your Feel Good is hosted by Carly Keighley who is a Personal Branding Coach and Strategist, a huge supporter of Women and Mum of 3 girls.

This podcast is all about inspiring female entrepeneurs to Feel Good in themselves, in their message and their personal brand. Helping them to step into who they are, as well as working towards who they truly want to become… attracting more dream clients as they go!

Episodes will be weekly, alternating between solo episodes and guest interviews. From expert tips to soul led journeys…

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Episode 29 - Why Your Image and Brand start from the Inside Out with Patrice Bisiot

Bonjour… and welcome to this simply fabulous episode all about your brand and image starting from the inside out. Here Carly chats with Image Coach Patrice all about inner beauty, mindset and embracing your true authentic self.

From Paris to Miami to Hollywood and back, Patrice also shares every stage of his entrepreneurial journey… from red carpet glamour to bankruptcy to depression to finding his purpose.

Are you ready to learn how to love yourself inside and out? Then step (or click) right this way…

About Patrice:

Patrice is an author, speaker, Branding and Image Coach plus is the Founder of Image Impact Index. He is based in Florida, USA and is passionate about female empowerment and helping women to embrace their inner beauty.

To connect with Patrice and/or for more information please do check out:

Web: www.imageimpactindex.com
Facebook: Image Impact Index
Instagram: patricebisiot
YouTube: Patrice Bisiot/ Image Impact Index

Episode 28

The Power of Storytelling in Your Brand and Business with Colette McBeth

When you think of the word story, you’ll most likely think of the kind we read to children and/ or the fiction books we read ourselves.

What you might not think of is how stories can be a hugely powerful tool in positioning yourself as an authority and in marketing your business.

This week’s guest talks about exactly this, whilst sharing tips on how to make stories work as part of your brand journey and content.

It’s time to re-think everything you ever thought about stories plus to feel inspired to give them a go too!


About Colette:
Colette is a Story Strategist, Author and former TV Correspondent who live in Brighton in the UK. She is passionate about using storytelling as a tool for audience connection and engagement, as well as crafting stories which convert.

To connect with Colette and/ or for more information please do check out:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/colettemcbethstorytelling
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/colettembethstorytelling/
Website: www.colettemcbeth.com

Episode 27

Intuition vs Strategy

Intuition can be a powerful thing, especially when it comes to your business.

Good with what feels good, trusting your gut instinct.

But is it enough when it comes to putting yourself out there? Will following your intuition take you to where you want to be?

Let’s find out!

Episode 26

Being Anxious and Awesome with Kerry Weston


If you haven’t experienced even a small part of it in 2020 then where have you even been?

But then… what if you had experienced it since childhood? What if it prevented you from leaving the house by yourself for 15 years? And what if it almost stopped you being the person you knew you could be?

This is the incredible story of this week’s guest Kerry Weston… Founder of Cupcakes and Anxiety and all round mental health campaigner on a mission to help others living with anxiety to be anxious… and awesome.

In this episode Kerry shares her journey, talks through her campaigns plus gives tips on how to keep going with your mission in spite of adversity.

Grab a cuppa (and a cupcake perhaps??), and enjoy!

About Kerry:

Kerry is a Mental Health Campaigner on a mission to get people talking about mental health, to start more conversations, fight stigma and encourage people to ask for help if they need it. 

For more information and/ or to connect with Kerry please go to…

Instagram: @cupcakesandanxiety
Facebook: Cupcakesandanxiety
Blog: https://cupcakesandanxiety.wordpress.com/

Episode 25

Why Getting Perfect is Sabotaging Your Success

Ah, perfection… wouldn’t it be amazing if we could achieve it.

Or would it?

In this episode Carly explores why chasing perfection isn’t quite as perfect as you think, as well as sharing her own experience with perfectionism and how she overcame it.

Get perfect now or get perfect never? You decide…

Episode 24

Getting Past The Fear of What Others Think To Live The Life You Want with Luke Page

What a title, and what an episode!

Here Carly chats to Luke Page about something which effects every single one of us on some level… caring about what others think, as well as sharing his own experience of going from needing external validation to not giving a damn!

Luke also shares his top 4 tips about how we can begin to get past this universal fear, as well as looking at how much the fear itself can hold us back from living the life we want to live.


About Luke:

LukePage is a Business and Sales Coach based in Australia who helps coaches build their online business to 6 figures. He teaches them how to show up as a leader in their industry, how to sell in an assertive, authentic but non pushy way and how to use social media to get more clients.

Luke has been teaching sales and leadership for 12 years and for the last 3 he has been specifically helping coaches grow their online business. 

His approach to life is to always be having fun, live healthy and be your true self, to love your business but have a life outside of it, to be curious, imagine and play like a child, to take breaks and go offline often, get in touch with nature, follow your heart, love people and most importantly, love yourself. 

“I love helping people spread their greatness because we all have it inside of us, it’s just a matter of having the courage to let it out”

Instagram: luke_page
Facebook: Luke Page

Episode 23

You As Your Brand (And Yes, You Are a Brand)

When you hear the word Brand or Branding, what do you think?

I’m guessing… Organisations, larger scale businesses, logos, design?

But what of branding included you too? And what if- despite feeling you don’t need it just yet- branding could be the key in attracting more clients??

In this episode Carly talks through why it isn’t just corporations who need a brand, plus the reasons why- even as small business and/ or solopreneur- creating a brand is so effective in reaching who you want to reach.

This isn’t about logos or fancy designs, this is about creating a message your audience or potential clients will love as well as taking control of how they see you.

Episode 22

Why Your Personal Branding Photos Mean More Than You Think with Donna Ford

Personal Branding photos… love them? Hate them? Never had them done? Or perhaps you have but you think they’re just…. photos? Think again!

In this episode Carly chats to the wonderful Donna Ford, talking about how photos capture so much more than just what you do, and how they instead capture who you are. Donna also shares tips on relaxing in front of the camera, on being yourself and so much more.

About Donna:

Donna is a Personal Branding Photographer and an advocate of creativity based in London, UK. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to amplify their message and let their true self shine through. Donna also runs a blog on Creativity which features a series of free videos titled ‘Creative Downloads’ which you can find and watch here, with an exciting project and course called ‘Press Play’ coming very soon!

Instagram: donnafordphotography and donnafordcreativity
Facebook: Donna Ford Photography & Donna Ford- The Home of Creativity
Web: www.donnaford.co.uk and www.skirtingboardsandchandeliers.com

Episode 21

Soulful Selling Without Selling Your Soul

Uh-oh… the S word!

Selling… sales. It can all sounds so, well, icky.

Think sales, think sales people. Think sales people, think sleazy, pushy, cold and everything in between.

But it needed be the way.

Imagine if selling could feel soulful instead, or perhaps not quite as icky at the very least.

In this episode Carly talks through and shares tips on how to reframe your beliefs around one of the most important topics when it comes to running a business, taking you from most likely hating the whole idea of selling to feeling (nervously) excited to put your offers out to the world!

Ready to become a soulful selling machine?

Give this episode a listen, and let your shift in mindset begin…

Episode 20

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Brand with Lucy Smith

Let’s be honest, how many of you have hidden behind a brand? Or- if you’re new to all of this- that the thought of putting yourself out there as your real, authentic self might just freak you out?

In this episode Carly chats to Lucy Smith about stepping out from behind your brand, and into YOU as your brand. Lucy shared her own transition in doing exactly this plus shares tips on how to take the steps in ways which feel good to you.


Lucy J Smith is an Anxiety Advocate & Author of Stand Up To Anxiety and Cheerful Children. After her own struggles with severe anxiety, Lucy found ways to understand and manage her anxiety and continues to manage it using personal development, self-care, routines and having an anxiety toolkit.


Become a VIP member to get support from Lucy and a range of resources to support you with understanding and managing your anxiety: www.lucyjsmith.com

Get the Stand Up To Anxiety book: www.lucyjsmith.com/vip

Get the Cheerful Children book: linktr.ee/cheerfulchildren

Episode 19

How Mastering Your Message Can Help You Master It All with Carly Keighley

This is undoubtedly one of THE most important episodes you will listen to when it comes to attracting your dream clients, it’s all about something we so often don’t really think about- or skip altogether- yet it’s something that can make or break whether your audience ‘get it’. IT being you (how rude) as well as your mission… your MESSAGE as your tool to communicating them both.

Here Carly talks explains why mastering your message can have such a positive knock on effect in your business, plus shares tips about how to work on yours.

You may want to grab a pen and paper for this one, although it will inspire you to think about your message and brand wherever you listen.

Are you ready to finally begin to master your messaging? Press PLAY and away we go…

Episode 18

Following Your Soul’s Purpose with Kiki Kirby

Welcome to the very first episode of Find Your Feel Good for Female Entrepreneurs, formally known as The Feel Good Movement. And what an amazing episode to start this new adventure with. I mean, how dreamy does this title sound?? A little too dreamy perhaps? Or could it be within your reach too? This wonderful guest certainly thinks so…

In this episode Kiki Kirby shares her own soul led journey… from loss, to burnout to celebrating life, talking through the 3 huge challenges she has faced which led to finding her true purpose and inner calm.

Kiki has been on quite the rollercoaster yet talks with passion and gratitude about how her darkest times led her to the light. She also shares valuable tips and tools to inspire you to live your very best life.

Find Your Feel Good is all about inspiring you to feel good in who you are, in your message and mission, and in your personal brand… stepping into who you really are plus who you want to truly become too. This first episode really leans into this mission and may just pave the way for following your soul’s purpose too.


About Kiki:

Kiki is a heart-centered business and life coach living in The Cotswolds, Uk. She has worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with difficult career decisions, burnout, grief, general loss of fervor for every day life yet believes it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Working together, Kiki has seen her clients regain purpose, focus, clarity and reconnect with who they truly are. Using teaching tools, strategies + techniques to slow down to find calmness, clarity + focus on wellbeing, Kiki helps you to feel ready to achieve more in your life, career, and business. 

You can find Kiki at:

Coaching: www.kikikirbycoaching.com


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