Welcome to our Mind + Body Fit Membership… we’re so happy to have you here. Whatever your mission is, let us join you on it. We’re here to help, guide and support you every step of the way!

We can’t wait to share with you our beliefs, method and overall philosophy- drawing on years of experience as to what works best long term- both professionally and personally.

But most of all, we’re here to help you find what works for YOU.

We don’t believe in quick fixes, we want you to get fit and healthy and to STAY fit and healthy. Our aim is to help you find YOUR way, finding food and exercise which fits into your lifestyle in a realistic and achievable way.

We also want to show you that it doesn’t have to be ‘All or Nothing’ to succeed. It’s something we’ve all been guilty of thinking or following i’m sure!

We often think we need to eat well 100% of the time, work-out 3-5 times per week and- more worryingly- that if or when we can’t commit to this (if we skip a work-out and/or have an unplanned bad food day) then we’ve blown it! We may then end up effectively sabotaging our own mission and we’re back to square one, or worse. Sound familiar? Let’s break the cycle.

We’re here to show that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be consistent (with mini blips along the way). Any number of exercise sessions per week is better than none, and can still give results. Teamed with eating better, as opposed to eating perfectly, and you’ll soon be feeling fitter and healthier overall.

On the weeks where you feel more inspired and/or have more physical time, you may choose to commit to doing more and/or focusing more on nutrition for even better results. If not? Then doing your best will do just fine.

Please have a good browse in here, taking as much or as little as you feel you need. There are plenty of tips and ideas in here plus expert guidance in the form of ‘Tutorials’ where you’ll find video guides on things such as My Fitness Pal, Posture Checks, using our app, goal setting, weight loss and more.

Then there’s a whole heap of fantastic resources in ‘Plan + Go’… from food diaries to daily or weekly planners to training logs. Planning and reflecting can give extra motivation and focus, and may even help you to identify anything you need to change or adapt.

There’s our app too which is home to even more helpful resources… from a library of 20+ full workout videos- from beginner level to advanced- to 100+ individual exercise techniques, water reminders and audio files such as meditation, relaxation, intervals and mind set motivation. You can take and store progress photos plus there’s features such as a built in stopwatch if needing to time exercises shown in app.

PLUS Don’t forget to utilise our online coaching group ‘The Mind + Body Members Club’ where you can ask us anything, gain invaluable support from ourselves and the other members as well as opting in to the ‘Accountability Zone’ whenever you need a watchful eye and/or extra support.

We truly feel we have created the perfect tool kit for achieving your goals and more!

HOWEVER… one thing we don’t want you to experience is overwhelm, we understand how daunting embarking on a ‘get healthy’ mission can feel. Whilst we DO want to give as much information and guidance as possible, we urge you to only take or use what is relevant to you.

Need more personalised support and/or guidance to help with this? You could upgrade to ‘Personal Coaching’ or ‘The Ultimate Coaching Package’ which gives you more clarity, direct support and/or contact with us.

Welcome aboard!

Carly and Mike




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