Gaining support is crucial on this journey, we can never say this enough.

Having people who not only understand what you are doing and why, but whom will also pick you up and/or cheer you on when you need it too.

Who do you have at home and/ or at work that you can trust to support your new habits? If the answer is very few, which can often be the case, then stick to those who DO and simply don’t talk about your journey much to the others. Seriously, if they don’t understand or- worse- don’t support the changes you’re making, they may just have the opposite effect and may even sabotage your efforts. It happens, but it needn’t be the case.

Surround yourself with those who DO support and believe in you, they will be key in helping you achieve your goals.

You really needn’t be alone in this journey, our top tip? Especially if you don’t have many of these people in your life… is to find them instead!

And this is where we can help.

With our free facebook group ‘The Mind + Body Fit Club’ as a community, and ‘The Mind + Body Members Club’ as something a little more close knit and as a place where you really can share your struggles and/ or celebrate your wins. You are all in it together, and we’re right here with you too.

We want you to feel supported as well as receiving extra support from our good selves, which is why our Members Group is something we feel is as important to our membership as all the resources it contains.

 Support, you need it. See you in there?


NB: If you haven’t requested to join already, please do so via this link…






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