Self Care

“Self Care…but that’s pretty much the same as Relaxation?” We hear you say.

And you would be partly right.

Relaxation is very much an act of self care, but there’s so much more to it as well.

It’s about being kind to yourself, in body and in mind.

Things such as saying no, having self belief, questioning toxic relationships, following your heart, letting go of the past, gratitude, enjoying a good social life, and yes nourishing your body with exercise and nutrient dense foods.

Many of the above aren’t easy to practice, and are often deep rooted, but as with anything practice makes perfect.

Morning gratitude is thought to be a fantastic place to start, writing down 3 things you are grateful for every day. You could decide to add 1-3 intentions too, both intended to set you up with a positive mind set for the day ahead.


More ideas for practicing self care:


  • Start a compliments journal, writing down and/or taking note of all the brilliant things others say about you. You could even ask them what your best qualities are, and- the biggie- believe them!


  • Use the 5 second rule. We just love this and use it often, struggle making decisions and/or tend to overthink them? Go with your gut! It’s easy, countdown from 5 to 0 and you’re almost guaranteed to make the best decision for you. Say your decision out loud if you can and trust your answer, it came from YOU after all.


  • Be selfish, choosing to do something that’s just for you… and do NOT feel guilty. You are your own priority, and everyone else in your life will benefit from this.


  • Unfollow and/ or unfriend anyone who you feel negative emotions towards and/or makes you feel less worthy (unless it’s someone close you need to have a frank conversation with- see next paragraph). This one is such a simple act, but it may just help a dark cloud float away.


  • Do something you’ve been avoiding! A conversation, paperwork, booking an appointment, chores, de-cluttering, finances. Pick one thing, don’t overthink it (5 second rule perhaps?) and go for it. How much better do you feel?


  • Connect with someone you haven’t spoke to in a while but whom you keep meaning to. Yes life is busy, but it can wait. You may just make their day as well as yours.


  • Surprise someone you love with a token gesture, nothing fancy but something you know they will love or will mean a lot to them. This is very similar to the pointer above… you’ll feel good, they’ll feel special, win win.


  • Dance or sing like no-one’s watching! What’s your favourite song? Crank it up loud and go crazy, this doubles up as extra activity too ;-).


  • And yes relax, take some time out, enjoy a little ‘me time’. You are very much worth it after all.


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