Take a look at those 3 words… read them, repeat them and live by them. For those whom already drink plenty of water, you’ll know just how important it is… not just for improving concentration or giving you better skin, but for the role it plays when it comes to weight loss and general health too. For those who don’t drink the good stuff, let us ‘persuade’ you to give it a try…


  • Water can act as an appetite suppressor by tricking the body into thinking it’s not hungry. When you drink more water, you naturally eat less. Drinking water with a meal, for example, reduces the room in the stomach for food, reducing the amount of food eaten. Great if you want to reduce those portion sizes!


  • Many people mistake thirst for hunger. The best way to combat needless eating is to drink a glass of water and wait 20-30 minutes before eating anything. If you still feel hungry after this time, grab a good healthy snack. However, in many cases, the glass of water will eliminate the urge to eat. Remember you should be eating every 2-3 hours, if you’re hungry in less time than this then it could be dehydration.


  • When you consciously make an effort to drink more water, mindless snacking will reduce too. Once drinking water becomes a habit, snack avoidance is much easier, leading to fewer calories consumed and therefore a more significant weight loss.


  • TOP TIP: Water is an absolute necessity for those who exercise or who are very active in general. Dehydration reduces strength and endurance during workouts, so you’ll need plenty of water to keep your energy levels high. In turn you’ll get more out of your work-outs which will burn more calories overall.


  • Water is necessary for proper digestion and therefore helps to keep your metabolism ticking along nicely too. By drinking plenty of water, the stomach and intestines digest food at a quicker rate. When the body is free from waste, the liver is able to flush out fat at an optimum level.


  • TOP TIP: A good tip is to drink water either ice cold or hot (hot water with lemon is great for cleansing the body) as your body actually uses calories to regulate body temperature.


  • Drinking plenty of water reduces the amount of water the body retains. When the body is dehydrated, it holds onto water, trying to store it in case of emergency. This water retention then leads to weighing more on the scales… just another great reason to drink plenty of it!


  • When the body is at its peak, fat burning is optimal. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60 percent water and once dehydrated, every system in our body will suffer, from temperature regulation to concentration. It’s essential that the body has the right amount of water to ensure that everything, including fat burning, functions as it should.



So, repeat one last time… MUST. DRINK. WATER




  • Why not buy a 1litre bottle, fill it up twice and make sure you drink it steadily over the course of the day. There are plenty of basic 1litre bottles available, in sports shops or even shops such as Primark, or you can buy bottles with times on the side… perfect for those who need an extra nudge.


  • You could add fruit- or even some vegetables- to water to add a little flavour… without reaching for the cordial! For example, adding cucumber to water is extremely refreshing (who knew?). Once again you can buy bottles designed exactly for this purpose, often called ‘Infuser’ or ‘Infusion’ bottles.


  • Make sure you always have a bottle of water to hand, especially on the days when you’re out and about. Many people report that they have no problem keeping hydrated at work, yet struggle in their own time. You could pop a smaller bottle of water in your bag, maybe stash a few bottles in the boot of your car etc etc… thinking ahead at all times. This can save you a fortune too, with bottles of water costing anything between £1 and £3 depending on the shop and/or event.


  • You could try keeping a journal of the amount of water you consume or try an app, even if just to see how you fair initially. And/or you could give our Daily Planner a try, not only for water intake but for all the key elements essential to reaching your goals.

Hydration here we come!



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