7 Steps To Success

Our step by step approach to succeeding long term


1. Learn and absorb

Grab a cuppa, it’s reading time! Our first step is to learn our method and overall philosophy, and that’s to be realistic whilst challenging yourself too. Challenging your habits, your priorities, your excuses (??), plus challenging yourself in fitness too.

Have a good look in each subject in our members area, making notes perhaps, and print out any of our downloadable PDF’s you feel will help you. Which leads us nicely onto…


2. Plan and prepare

Now that you know how to make this work for you, it’s time to make a plan! Remember it has to be realistic and achievable, words we use a lot. Make food plans, shopping lists, buy new work-out gear, plan work-outs etc then stick to them as much as possible. Our top tip is to keep planning, even when you think you’ve ‘nailed it’. It only takes one lapse in concentration, or a few old habits to creep back in, to lose focus altogther.


3. Put support in place

This could be friends, collegues, family members but choose carefully and make sure that they will be supportive of your goals. People with similar or the same goals are ideal as you can support each other, and most of all can help motivate each other to keep going. Our Facebook group is designed exactly with this in mind, a chance to encourage each other, ask questions and share your own experiences and/or successes. If you haven’t requested to join yet, click here and get posting.

4. Set goals, then reach them!

Your goals are your dreams; a breakdown of what you need to achieve to make your dreams happen. Start by writing down your long term goals (weight loss, fitness goals e.g run a 5k, strengthen and/and tone specific areas), then break them down into bite size goals. If you can, write dates and timescales (realistic remember!) then put these goals somewhere you can easily see them. It’s always much more motivating to have in mind WHY you’re doing this, keeping the end goal in sight with achievements along the way.


5. Get Started

You’ve planned, you’ve prepped, you have people in place to support you.. it’s time to set the wheels in motion and go for it! You’ve already made sure it’s all achievable (?), allowing for treats and rest days, as well as selecting the intensity and frequency of work-outs to suit you and your lifestyle. The only thing left to do now is to get going, you never know… you may even enjoy it!


6. Track your progress

How are you doing? Are you hitting those goals or do they need changing a little? If they do, re-write them. It could be that you’re smashing the goals you set and so want to achieve even more, or that you’ve had a set back or two so need to give yourself a little longer. That’s fine, it’s much better to take longer to reach your goals than give up and never get there. If your results have slowed down, time to spice things up… yes set new goals, but you could also look at trying new work-outs and/or pushing yourself a little harder plus experimenting with new recipes and foods. This is also a great time to do your own lifestyle check…check you’re getting enough sleep, managing your stress levels, drinking enough water etc. See it a little like an m.o.t, a chance to check everything’s in order then off you go once more.


7. Just keep going!

No matter what life throws at you, and no matter how slow you go… JUST. KEEP. GOING




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