Plan your Feel Good…


Plan and create meaningful, magnetic content and increase connection with your audience… in just 5 hours*

*3 hour live workshop, followed by a 2 hour content creating co-working session (date tbd).

Tuesday 8th December 2020- 11am-2pm

Block out your diary, and let’s get your content for 2021 off to a flying start…

Ah Content, it can be such a love/ hate relationship can’t it? Love… when you’re on top of it as a whole, and hate (or strong dislike at least) when you’re not. Life- and running a business- far too easily getting in the way of becoming as consistent as you’d like to be.

But, whether you focus on your content fully or not, it’s still there… niggling away at the back of your mind. A persistent feeling of needing to work on what to post and when.

Sounds familiar?

Then you might be suffering from CONTENTWORRY-ITUS: A fear based condition experienced by online based entrepreneurs who worry non stop about what to post.


Symptoms may include:

>Constantly wondering what to post

>Scrolling for inspiration (losing hours of your life as you do)

>Posting random content for the sake of it

>Checking for likes and comments ALL THE TIME OR…

>Feeling unsettled if you haven’t posted at all

Ok so this ISN’T a real condition, but it might as well be. It’s one I know all too well. Feeling frustrated about not knowing what you should post and when, worrying that you’re missing out on reaching clients, wondering whether what you DO post will even connect, second guessing whether that post sucked, or whether it was the pesky algorithym hiding it away.

The sucker punch being that you know that being consistent with your content is 100% needed if you want to build a successful business online or via online. Your content as the perfect way to communicate with your dream clients… without bombarding them with sales posts. Building rapport, creating trust and developing connection which could see you become the go to in your niche.

The problem being…knowing where to start, making the time or actually planning and creating it.

And this is where I come in….

Taking you from feeling as though your content is an annoyance, to making it central to your brand.

Imagine instead feeling:

> Content, in your erm… content! Knowing that you’re posting with purpose as well as giving value

> Aligned with what you are posting

> In integrity with your values and core beliefs

> Excited about what you are posting, knowing that it will connect with whom it needs to

> Calmer overall… not thinking about likes and/ or comments quite as much

> Confident in your abilities to able to create content on demand

> In control of your brand and all that you put out

> That you have a game plan, your content becoming a crucial cog in your marketing wheel… NOT as an afterthought

> Like a planning bad ass. This is your business and brand, your way

> Ready to step up and sell… no, really!

> Smug AF (pardon my French). But I mean, seriously… your content planned and scheduled for the whole of January… why wouldn’t you be?

Can you feel the anxiety drifting away, just from reading this? Let’s make Contentworry-itus a thing of the past!

Let me write you a prescription (am I overdoing this yet??), where I shall prescribe… me! Well, me… and this kick ass content planning workshop, with a chance to create the content afterwards too**. Just think of your content woes as a not so tasty Gin, and me and this workshop as the tonic. Why not pour yourself a glass (or rather, sign up!)… and feel your content worries drift away.

In this 3 hour workshop we will:

> Check in with and define your brand message***

> Identity your 4-5 core pillars of content

> Look at the different types of content including blogs, Facebook groups, podcasts, video, lives, Tik Tok & Reels

> Choose your favourite and/ or most suitable types… looking at any blocks around those you don’t feel confident with

> Learn how to repurpose content, creating strategy around your main vehicle 

> Fit sales into your plan, feeling less icky about selling as we go

> Plan your content for the whole of January 2021

> Come away with a template to help you to keep on top of your content every month



All this… for just £37*!!

Say whaaaaat?

Surely there must be a catch??

Ok, you got me… I would indeed like something in return… your feedback, and a testimonial.

That’s all. Just a few minutes of your time in exchange of this super low cost yet high value workshop. And if it doesn’t deliver the value? Then I will offer you a refund. All you would need to do is to have attended the workshop, show evidence of your work, and a refund will be issued.

Not that you’ll want one of course. I just know how epic this is going to be!

£37* for your content for January 2021 (and beyond)= SORTED.

Ok, decision time…

You can choose to keep going with your own content ‘plan’/ winging it as you go (been there, done that), experiencing the symptoms of Contentworry-itus over and over again, or you can choose to sign up for and experience first hand how amazing having a month’s worth of content- if not more once you get started- will feel. It’s easy once you get going, you just need a guiding hand and dedicated time to make it happen. If you’re unable to invest £37 and just 3-5 hours of your time, then I’m guessing you are well on top of your content game.

And if you’re not? Then step right this way…

With just 6 places available, at a cost never to be repeated, it’s time to make your decision.

Tuesday 8th December, 11am-2pm… Join me?

Carly x

*£37 as an introductory offer only. The investment will be at least double for all future content planning workshops.

**PLEASE NOTE: Your message and/ or niche must be clear or almost clear to gain the most from this workshop and to ensure that your content is in alignment with what you want to put out. If you’re unsure about either, please contact me to chat about whether an additional session prior to the workshop is needed or would be beneficial.

***Our Content Creation Co-Working Session will run w/c 14th December. The date/ day/ time will be discussed during the workshop. I will give different options and go with the majority. There’ll be a replay of the session as well as access to a pop up group too, meaning you can still dedicate 2 hours to creating your content (with support and guidance) if you’re unable to make this second session.

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