Learn how to write effective copy, create better content and start connecting with those dream clients of yours via your unique message and vibe… in just 5 weeks! 


…5 week Live Learning and Creation Camp starts Monday 20th June 2022- designed to help you become more intentional, more visible and more consistent online; even if (ESPECIALLY if) you’re not a fan of ‘showing up’! Ready to try a different way instead?

You know you 'should' be more visible, and that you 'should' be more consistent with your content... it's what you're told (and tell yourself) again and again after all...

“Be consistent” “Share your message” “Speak to your ideal client” “Answer their pain points” “Give value” “Give more value” “Just show up!” Woooooaaaa, no wonder we’d rather, just, NOT. If only you could hire someone to do it all for you right? One day you will (give me a shout once you’re at this stage), but for now- it’s on you. Meaning- more than likely- that being visible, intentional and consistent isn’t quite happening- despite knowing it’s what you need to get known, loved and trusted to make those much needed sales.

What if you could become your very own copywriter, content creator and accountability buddy… with a system and framework which works for you? You don’t need to create fancy content, or go live every day, and you certainly don’t need to be dancing on Reels or Tik Tok (unless you want to that is!).

This is about finding your own way of ‘showing up’; with a little strategy, creativity and- yep- consistency too!


5 week Group mentoring course for Coaches and Entrepreneurs who are ready to make more impact online

I’ve been where you are right now, feeling frustrated and ready for more yet feeling tired and ready to find more balance in how you show up too.There are just so many hats to juggle; and Social Media Manager, Copy Writer and Content Creator are NOT hats you want to wear- the thing is though, you’re not ready to invest in these just yet either.

You know you need to be more visible and post regular content though, if only there was a way to do both in ways which work for you and your business whilst getting you noticed too. Guess what- there IS a way (you knew it was coming!), and I’m here to show you how…

  • Being able to think up so many content ideas that you don’t know what to do with them! Other than to use, ditch or save for the future. I’ll be teaching you how to know if an idea is any good, and whether it’s in line with what you want to achieve. 
  • Sitting down to write copy and create content WITHOUT the fear of not knowing what to write, instead the words and ideas simply flow (and if they don’t, you’ll know exactly what to do to get them going again).
  • Beginning to build or enhance your online presence and brand… getting known for what you do 
  • No longer feeling icky about selling; knowing this is an energetic exchange, and that what you do or sell is not only wanted… but needed too.
  • Your dream clients or customers coming to YOU; your content, message and energy as the very things they feel drawn to. 
  • Becoming consistent… without needing to post everyday!
  • Dropping the guilt that you ‘should’ be more visible and/ or be posting all the time.
  • Feeling more balanced and aligned overall.

There’s an easier way to reach- and convert- the kind of people you would love to attract!

All you need is support and guidance to learn how to speak to your Dream Clients, as well as creating a personalised content and visibility framework- one which works for you, away from the ‘shoulds’, and one you’ll actually stick to (you know how you like to work after all, I’ll simply be helping you find it). 

Let me teach you how to put your new ideas and strategy in to action, making this not only an actionable 5 weeks, but a long term plan. It’s easier and more accessible than you think…


Because it’s already there! And I’d love to help you find it, in fact it’s a super power of mine… almost instantly recognising if something isn’t working in terms of brand strategy, communication and even visually to help you create content and a way of showing up which connects with you AND your audience, whilst making sure your message runs through everything you do!

Know exactly what to say- and how to say it- to create copy and content that connects… and converts!

“What can I say… This woman works miracles! For over a year I struggled to get my why and my message, and Carly sorted it (and a hell of a lot more) in 6 weeks!”

Danielle Camm

Baby Practioner

“I connected with Carly instantly and knew intuitively that she was the right fit to work with on my next series of projects. She gets my vision, and can easily organise thoughts and ideas.”

Kimberly Adams

Author of ‘The Corporate Hippie’

“We’ve seen an increase in our email open rate since we started working with Carly, and therefore an increase in sales too.”

Kate Greenhalgh

Co-Founder of A Year of Dates

Hi I’m

Carly Keighley

… Copy Coach, Creative Strategist, Podcaster & Content extraordinaire who helps online coaches and entrepreneurs create magnetic messaging, write better copy and unleash their unique personality and vibe so that they can attract their dream clients/ customers and make more soul aligned sales. I’ve helped hundreds of brilliant female business owners to get known, loved and noticed by helping them to nail their message, know how to connect with their dream clients and feel confident in who they are and how they are seen. Oh and to feel good about making more money too. It all starts with YOU… with a little strategy too! 

I wasn’t always this confident in showing up- in fact I was anything but! Rewind a fair few years, and you’d find a version of me that even I wouldn’t recognise now. I was the one who would hide away at the back of a gathering or group- hoping the ground would swallow me up if anyone even looked at me; if they did then I would go bright red, my voice would quiver,  and I just wanted whatever was happening to be over.

So what changed? How did I go from that shy, embarrassed Carly to the prancing around in Ibiza for a brand shoot and dancing away on Reels Carly you see today?

In short, I decided enough was enough. I was done with holding myself back, playing small and with caring what other people thought. I was fed up with never getting to where I wanted to be (despite knowing deep down that I was capable).

The moment I decided to believe in and invest in myself, as well as embracing my super powers- THAT was the moment I felt a shift. I no longer allowed my fears to win; my desire to play bigger- and to help others play bigger too- top trumping my fears and doubts (I still have both of course, I’ve just learnt how to not let them rule). I took control of how I wanted to show up in the world to become intentional whilst being purpose driven too. Best of all, I finally showed up as me!

I see it time and time again with my clients too… clients whom are all over the world, yet who share the same goal- to have the confidence to show up as themselves, whilst making the impact they know they can. Often, they know what they need to do… they just can’t seem to bring themselves to do it, no matter how ‘driven’ or determined they might be. Given a framework, a shift in mindset, guidance and support however, and I see the very same shift I experienced myself…

Doubt replaced with possibility, uncertainty replaced with a ‘knowing’ that they will succeed, a “what if I fail” mentality replaced with a “It’s not if but when” determination… knowing that whilst the journey isn’t easy, it’s no longer impossible.  It all starts by taking baby steps as well as big leaps, with guidance and support to keep you moving instead of holding yourself back. I know it all too well, and know how safe it can feel, yet I also know what can happen when you say yes to being intentional. 

I’ve created and launched my own podcast from scratch (twice), I’ve run two successful businesses over a span of almost 15 years, I have a first class degree in Creative Advertising with Copy Writing, have written and created content for an so many fabulous and varied clients, have had articles published in local magazines, plus I get to mentor amazing clients all over the world to write better copy and content which connects and sells!

I believe that anyone can create effective content from anything- adding strategy in to make it connect and/ or convert- and will be teaching you how as part of the camp.

From using my method, client results include doubling the amount of discovery calls, tripling email open rates, growing audiences, increasing sales and- most of all- showing up in ways they could never have dreamed of (dancing on Reels included, although not needed if that isn’t your style!).

You’re in expert hands; I’d love to guide you to become your very own content and visibility expert too!

You, me, and a handful of other wonderful women whom- 5 weeks, and a heap of content ideas later- will have a bespoke and effective content strategy in place, with a renewed certainty and a touch of magic too! The magic being… YOU, whether you know it yet or not!

This is why I created Content Camp… I see far too many incredible women downplaying their brilliance and playing it safe. I know you are ready to break free from your own limitations to show up with more purpose, be more visible and make more impact… let me help you to not only own your magic and brilliance but to know how to share it; with copy and content which embodies the magic and uniqueness of you. Are you ready to embrace it?


5 week Content & Visibility Camp- with life time access to a private group with resources- for Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to stop hiding, and start getting noticed… their way!

The Low Down; What You Can Expect from Content Camp...

* Direct mentorship, feedback and support from me on our 5 LIVE Copy, Content & Visibility Coaching Calls- Mondays 8-9.30pm (I can be flexible if there is a better day/ time) 

* Mindset and strategy around selling; focusing on weaving your message into your content and in to showing up

Copy Clinics and Content Co-Creation Sessions to give instant, actionable feedback 

A cosy, mastermind style community of like-minded women all ready to grow their online presence and take their place

Support from each other with optional ‘Support Pods’; i.e groups of 2-3 people whom engage with each other’s content and cheer each other on!

My eyes on your copy, ideas and content creation, giving you the tools to confidently go it alone alongside and beyond these 5 weeks (with a juicy discount to keep going should you wish to access more support).

* No pressure to complete tasks in a set amount of time, this is your Content… YOUR way. There is no behind!

All of the resources in one place! All videos, links and worksheets will be held in our private group- no guilt over having an extra resource/ app/ log-in which you ‘should’ be making the most of (anyone else never use them??)

* Just the right level of support and accountability, with a gentle bootcamp style kick up the backside should you need it!

* An energetic and fun environment within our group and during calls, my aim being for you to not take yourself or your content too seriously to feel good in all that you do content and visibility wise!

Create copy & content you and your DREAM CLIENTS will feel aligned with and drawn to...


“Not only does working with Carly help you clarify what it is you’re truly passionate about, but her coaching style means that she can spot any blocks that have been holding you back and works to dig those out.”

Here’s a Week-by-Week Breakdown of What You’ll Learn and Implement in the 5 Weeks:

Week One:

Let's get started!

Week One will be all about checking in with your message and mission, whilst looking at your existing content strategy (or lack of one) too! Next up- let’s put a new strategy in place… beginning to put your own framework together which works for you (content planning not your thing? All good, let’s find what is!).

We’ll also be planning and creating content for the following week, whilst posting research based content this week to find out more about what your audience and/ or dream clients/ customers want and need.

Week Two

Putting Your Plan into Action!

This is the week when we’ll begin to create more intentional and bespoke content, whilst exploring ideas and new ways to show up too. We’ll be reflecting on how week one went on our call, whilst talking through any potential or actual visibility blocks for the week ahead.

Week Three

Finding Your Groooooove...

You’ll be beginning to find your rhythm this week, whilst continuing to plan ahead. We’ll be focusing on creating good habits which will last beyond the 5 weeks, we’ll also be thinking ahead to the Summer holidays- beginning to put a plan together to help you stay visible, whilst taking time out for you.

Week Four

Time to learn something new...

This week will be all about trying something new, in line with your own preference and boundaries in how you want to be seen. Want to learn how to use Canva or to master Reels? I’ll be on hand to help. Think a podcast could be for you? Then let’s talk it through. There’ll be a daytime and an evening Q & A session this week for this exact reason. 

Week Five

The countdown begins...

Our final week (sniff)… let’s make it count! The summer holidays will be fast approaching, but we won’t be slowing down just yet. This week’s focus will be putting our summer plan into action, making it realistic whilst making sure you stay visible and consistent too. It’s what Content Camp is all about after all.

BONUS CALL: Join me for our online Graduation ceremony Sunday 24th July 8-9pm. We’ll be reflecting on the past 5 weeks, whilst celebrating with a glass of fizz or a nice hot drink to finish Content Camp in style.

I’ll be sending you a graduation gift in time for this call too!

Show up as you want to and start creating the content your audience have been waiting for…

… ready to connect with and attract dream clients/
customers by being intentional, and by being you!

Not only do you get all of the above, you’ll receive these

(Total Value= £300)



” I have doubled the number of monthly clarity calls AND my monthly income since completing Carly’s group programme and working with Carly 1:1, because now I am able to express the transformation my services are offering, clearly, using my voice and expertise- Carly gets it! Joining her group programme was the best investment of the year!”

Lauren Malone

Business & Mindset Coach and Author of ‘The Expecting Entrepreneur’

” Carly has taught me a ton about brand, content and voice, she is great at creating ideas out of jumbled nonsense then ta daaaaa suddenly it makes sense and has strategy weaved in! She helped me to keep momentum in a way I would never maintain on my own. Also, her Canva game is on point!”

Helen Johnson


” I really have learned so much about my business and me! Carly has given me the confidence to be proud of my content and brand, plus I now have a plan that I can visualise achieving”

Layla Taylor- Eccleston

Beauty and Skincare Expert


TODAY and start showing up more intentionally to attract your dream clients and customers and make more sales

Choose from two investment options and let’s get Content Camp underway…

* Seems too good to be true for the amount of value included? What’s the catch? I’ll let you in on a little secret (which isn’t a secret at all)… this is the first time I’ve run Content Camp and so I am offering it at this cost in exchange of detailed feedback and a testimonial. It’s also a little shorter than it will be in the future when it will be 6 weeks long. I would LOVE to have you on board as part of this process, and so as a thank you- should you accept- I am gifting my soon to be signature camp for more than 50% of the usual investment (Content Camp will be £497 in the future for 6 weeks) . This is the ONLY time I will be offering it at such a low price point, I know the value of this course and how game changing it will be for your business… I’ll be inspiring you to know your worth every step of the way too.


If you enjoy the support of a group environment yet would love additional 1:1 support, my VIP Option could be for you. For just £222 more you’ll receive:

  • A personalised copy audit (worth £197); a chance to get my eyes (and hands!) on one web or sales page to check it’s in line with your message, plus I may just spruce it up a little too. Can swap for a 60 minute Strategy and Mentoring Session.
  • 10 ‘Done for You’ Content Templates in line with your brand and vibe (worth £150)


= £444 (paid in full)

OR 2 x £222 monthly instalments

If you still have any questions before you enroll please email info@carlykeighley.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

*A 3 month payment plan may be possible, please email info@carlykeighley.com or find me on social media to discuss this option.

I know that investing in your business can be a big decision, as well as how difficult it can feel to take a leap of faith when signing up to something new. I’m confident however that the benefits of Content Camp outweigh the cost overall. I get that it may still feel daunting investing before signing up though, so I’m offering a 30 day risk free refund policy. Join Content Camp today and if- by 20th July 2022- you don’t feel you’ve received value from the programme you can email hello@carlykeighley.com to begin the refund process. You would need to show that you’ve completed all the tasks and attended each week’s call or workshop (or watched the replay) up to that date, and we’ll give you your money back with no further questions asked. There really is nothing to lose and loooaaads to gain!


Q: Who is Content Camp for?

A: You’d think I would say that Content Camp is for everyone, but I’m all about being specific so here goes. I’ll begin with who it’s NOT for: Content Camp is not for those wanting overnight success- it takes time to build trust and connections, plus this is about doing it in a sustainable way. It’s also not for absolute beginners who have no idea what they are about (that takes 1:1, deeper support- feel free to get in touch if this is for you), and it is definitely NOT for coaches and entrepreneurs who have their content and visibility s%!t together- you don’t need this if you’re at that stage! 

Content Camp IS for you if:

  • You’re looking for new ideas and/ or ways to show up. Perhaps your content is feeling a little stale and needs new energy breathing in!
  • You need accountability- you know what you need to do, you just don’t do it!
  • You’re guilty of posting for the sake of it, or not posting at all!
  • You’d love to increase your confidence to go live, create videos, forge collaborations and more.
  • You’d like to learn how to write better copy, which sells!
  • You’re keen to add new skills to your set e.g VA’s looking to create better content for their clients, Coaches wanting to help their clients with their copy and content
  • You’re a coach looking to stand out amongst a crowded niche!
  • You love the idea of having a space dedicated to showing up, with your own copy and content mentor on hand- at a snippet of the cost!

Q: I’m short on time, will I be able to join in fully and make it through Content Camp effectively?

A: I hear you, this is often my concern when enrolling onto something too. But, I MAKE the time… and I will be inspiring you to make time for it too (we’ll be talking time management as part of week one).

Q: Will it take hours to create my own content?

A: It might if you go it alone, but with support, a framework and guided inspiration you’ll soon find that content needn’t take anywhere near as much time and headspace as it most likely currently does or has in the past. I’ll be teaching a ‘done is better than perfect’ approach as well!

Q: I don’t have a list or big following yet, will this programme still help me to grow?

A: Oh I know this one all too well too, in fact- confession- I don’t have a big following or huge email list either. BUT I do make connecting with my audience a huge part of what I do, and quality over quantity wins every time! It’s how you will make sales, even without big numbers. Plus, sharing your message and becoming more consistent and intentional will help you GROW your following.

Q: When will the calls, workshop and co-creation sessions be?

A: Calls will be Mondays 8-9.30pm although I am happy to change the day and/ or tweak the times to find a time that works for everyone, with 2 co-creations sessions per week (one day time, one evening) to be decided inside the group. We will decide when the Content Planning workshop will be in the same way, with a replay available for those who are unable to attend.

Q: What if I can’t make the live calls or some of the workshops? Will I still benefit?

A: 100% YES… ensuring you make time elsewhere to watch the replays and/ or stay connected within the group. There’ll also be content co-creation sessions and Q & A’s to go over anything you haven’t had chance to catch up on just yet. Plus, there’s no behind! Barring the live elements and week by week content creation, you can do this at your own pace.

Q: What’s the difference between joining Content Camp and going to a content agency?

A: The main difference… YOU! With my coaching style I 100% ensure that you learn as much as you can when creating your content, this way you’ll feel aligned with what you create plus will learn the skills to create copy and content in line with your message without the need to pay a copywriter or designer every time you want to create a post or send an email!

Q: Is this the same as a group programme?

A: No, this is a live learning and creation camp where the focus is on learning new skills whilst taking inspired action to start planning, posting and showing up from day one! I will be running my group programme this Autumn which will contain specific modules focusing on a broader range of knowledge and skills, which you will receive a discounted offer to join.

Q: Does Content Camp include design skills?

A: We’ll be focusing on brand and content strategy rather than design, although I will be showing you how to create gorgeous looking content in line with your brand. There IS an option to upgrade to have templates created for you with the VIP option.

Q: I’m ready to sign up yet I’m still worried about investing, would an extended payment plan be possible?

A: Depending on the number of people paying in full, I may be able to offer a 3 month payment plan at £80 per month for the standard enrolment option, please email info@carlykeighley.com to discuss.

Q: When will the group close? Will I be able to catch up if I HAVE missed some of Content Camp?

A: Content Camp will officially finish 24th July 2022 HOWEVER you’ll receive lifetime access to the group so that you can access the resources and stay connected. There will be a discounted enrolment option for all future Content Camps to be able to join in with live calls and sessions.

Here goes… decision time

You can keep feeling stuck and frustrated when it comes to being visible and with your content, OR you can learn how to master your messaging, copy and content to start connecting with your dream clients… at a never to be repeated, high value, super low cost.

Final thoughts…

I know there’s just so much to think about when it comes to running a business, and that it can feel pretty daunting deciding where to invest you time and money next to take you to the next level. You may even be reluctant to sign up to something else.

The thing is… WHAT IF you keep doing all the things you currently do (whilst NOT doing the things which will move you forward no doubt) yet you’re still not able to communicate what you want to say in ways which connect, attract and sell? It doesn’t matter how amazing you, your products or your services are- or how gorgeous your logo or website look… if your messaging, content and your energy around being visible is off- or you’re not sharing how you can help your dream clients/ customers effectively or consistently- then you’ll never know how far you can go. Get your message, copy, content and vibe right, teamed with a little mindset and strategy, and everything else really will flow. Your copy, your content, your offers… all coming from knowing exactly what to say, how to say it and who to say it to.  

So, my final question… How would you love to get on top of your message, copy and content once and for all?

I would love to help you with all of this and more… let’s create copy, content and a magnetic energy that your dream clients/ customers will say YES to!

Love and visibility vibes,   


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