Attract Your Dream Clients And Make More Sales… Without Selling Your Soul

Feel Good in yourself, your message AND your personal brand and make more connections and SALES

About Carly Keighley

You're ready to step up, show up and become the go to in your niche.

But, something’s holding you back. You know you’re capable of stepping up and reaching the level of success you crave from your business, yet you just can’t quite seem to get there. You’re feeling:

> Frustrated, with your business and in yourself. You have the passion, determination and skills yet feel unseen.

> As though you should be further along and gaining more recognition than you currently are.

> Low in confidence and belief, wondering why you’re not attracting all those clients you were certain you would attract.

> That there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything you need to get done in your business, never mind creating content (not consistently anyway).

> That there’s a disconnect between who you are and what you do vs how your potential clients and customers see you.

> That it’s catch 22. You don’t have the money to invest in a copywriter or designer, yet you’re certain it’s the only way your content will look and sound amazing.

> Disheartened, as though the content you DO post just isn’t being seen (so what’s the point, right?).

> That’s it’s ok for others who already have a following and/or money to invest (spoiler: They started exactly where you are right now).

> Like giving up, perhaps even contemplating employment again, yet at the same time refusing to give in. Just, NO.

As for sales… you KNOW you need to make them to run your business yet you hold back from asking for them too. You also know that sales don’t just mean a healthy business, they hold the key to creating the life you’ve always wanted to live. Following your purpose and passion to live life on your own terms. No pressure then!


> Feeling good every day, knowing that you’re stepping closer to whatever it is that success, freedom and happiness look like to you.

> Knowing that it isn’t only you who will feel good, but your wonderful clients- who’s lives you are transforming- too.

> Sitting down to write copy WITHOUT the fear of not knowing what to write, instead the words just flow (and if they don’t, you’ll know exactly what to do to get them going again).

> Creating so much content you don’t know what to do with it! Other than to plan, schedule and repurpose it of course. Oh, YES.

> Having an enticing website and lead magnet, that converts!

> Finally growing your email list AND your audience, connecting with them in ways which feel good.

> Filling up challenges, masterclasses, waiting lists and programmes (now THAT’S what I’m talking about).

> No longer feeling icky about selling, instead feeling inspired and ready to SERVE.

> Your dream clients coming to YOU, no more searching high and low for where your next lead will come from.

> Knowing that when you post an offer, people will feel a real connection and need towards what you are offering.

> Being able to hire that VA you’ve always wanted to!

> Getting more time back for YOU.

> Feeling more balanced and aligned overall

There is a way to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

All you need is a few missing ingredients to start attracting your Dream Clients and making more sales.

These ingredients are more accessible than you think, yet so many online entrepreneurs either don’t know their importance or don’t make the time to work on them, skipping what could be the most important steps to take them from where they are now to where they want to be.


Creating a personal brand you feel aligned with, plus crafting powerful messaging your audience will be drawn to.

When your values, vibe and message line up… the rest soon flows. Your copy, your content, your energy… All feeling in tune with what you’re about. What’s more, your audience and future clients will feel it too. You’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it to connect with your people and effortlessly attract. Maybe you still think it’s fine to skip all of this, but- as brilliant as you are- if your messaging and vibe is off, your potential clients or customers still won’t invest in what you’re offering.

“I have come away from this experience with an amazing lead magnet that really speaks to my ideal client AND reflects who I am to the world. AND I’ve learned so much in the process through Carly’s coaching style. It was like she got inside my head and put down all the things I wanted to ask for but didn’t have the language to express. Would I recommend Carly? Hands down, the best design and branding experience I’ve ever had. Run, do not walk.”


Medical Herbalist and Writer

“Working with Carly is for you iflike meyou’re a perfectionist getting pulled into the realms of social media and online courses and wondering where to start. I can honestly say that starting with Carly to understand YOU, is the best way to get clear. If you’re just starting out or a few years down the line and losing your way, Carly is incredible at digging deep so that you can start to do business as you want to not how you feel you should do! It takes you out of the chaos and into what feels good.”


Business coach

Hi I’m

Carly Keighley

… Branding Mentor, Coach and Strategist, Copy Queen and Messaging Maestro but you can call me your Fairy Brandmother. I help Female Entrepreneurs to Feel Good in their message and brand to create copy and content which attracts their dream clients or customers. So that they can thrive in their business and create more balance overall.

I’m obsessed with helping brilliant women just like you to nail their message, feel aligned with their purpose and feel confident in who they are and how they want to be seen. Oh and to make more money too, it all starts with YOU.


If only it was that simple I know, I hear you. But- in a way- it CAN be. Working on your mindset as well as your message, unlocking all of that amazing potential you know you have. I know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck, but I know from my own experience and from working with my clients, that nailing your message and working around your blocks and/ or beliefs is THE key to unlocking so much for you and your business.

I’m a firm believer in coaching and mentoring you to not only nail your message, but to be able to write your own copy and create your own content as a result. You COULD hire a copywriter yet it doesn’t always make sense to invest in one when there is a lot of testing to get your message right plus to test your offers too. PLUS, as tempting as it can seem to hire someone to write and create for you, it can end up not feeling or sounding like you. The result? You hold back from sharing it or you don’t feel aligned with what you are putting out there. And it shows. I want so much more for you. For your message and mission to be understood and to reach those who need to hear it. I want you to achieve the level of success I know you can achieve.

That’s why I just HAD to create this programme for YOU… You as your brand, you as an authority in your field, stepping into who you know deep down you are destined to be. Are you ready?


My signature group online programme for Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to stop hiding and start serving!

Here's what it's all about...

> Feeling Good in your messaging to feel aligned with all that you post.

> Personal Brand Strategy… putting YOU into your brand, in a way which feels good to you.

> Direct coaching, mentorship and support from me on our 8 LIVE Coaching Calls plus Content Planning Workshop.

>A cosy community/ mini mastermind of like-minded women all ready to grow their online presence and start to grow.

> My eyes on your copy, concept ideas and content creation, giving you the tools to confidently go it alone alongside and beyond this programme.

> Personalised feedback on your message, copy and content inside our private facebook group, with a task to focus on each week guaranteed to move you forward in your business and audience reach.

> No pressure to complete tasks in real time, this is your programme… YOUR way. There is no behind!

> An energetic and fun environment within our group and during calls, my aim being for you to not take yourself too seriously and to make sure you Feel Good in all that you do!

Create messaging, copy & content you and your DREAM CLIENTS will love...


“Not only does working with Carly help you clarify what it is you’re truly passionate about, but her coaching style means that she can spot any blocks that have been holding you back and works to dig those out.”

Here’s a Week-by-Week Breakdown of What You’ll Learn and Implement Inside this Programme:


Who you are and what you’re all about

In Module One, we’ll be working on the one thing that makes your brand YOURS… YOU. You’ll learn what makes you tick, what you’re all about and who you truly want to become, this will include:

> Looking at your values and identifying which ones which mean the most to you and your mission.

> Future vision visualisation, taking a sneak peek at who you really want to become.

> A self guided evaluation of where you are now vs where you want to be, beginning to put the steps in place to get you there.

> Digging and reflecting, with support every step of the way.

> Time to get to know each other plus set up group coaching calls

> OPTIONAL EXTRA: 90 minute 1:1 Deep Dive £87 Instead of the usual £147, (included with VIP Level option too)


To Niche or Not to Niche?

In this module we’ll be looking at what your niche is, and who you want to attract plus checking that both are in alignment with your values and future vision. This week will include:

> Defining what a niche is, and how it can help you create more connection and sales

> Nailing it, or beginning to at least (we’ll come back to this).

> Looking at your Niche vs your Message, separating the two and prepping you for the biggie that’s coming up (brace yourselves!)

> First Group Coaching Call, let’s chat and see how you’re getting on so far.


Master Your Message- Part One

Yes, there’ll be two parts to this beast… and it IS a beast, but it’s one which is well worth tackling! Master this, and you really will master it all. This module will focus on:

> Identifying what your message actually is (spoiler: it’s probably not what you think it is!)

> A task to help you begin to nail this (which we will come back to in part two)

> Beginning to understand how your message shapes everything that you do.

> Group Coaching Call, let’s talk it all through!

> Plenty of headspace and quiet time to help you through this module.


Master Your Message- Part Two

Let’s keep this going, re-working your message until it feels just right. It’s time to tame this beast once and for all! This week will include:

> Finalising your message, although we’ll be talking through how you can change your message in the future too. It’s pretty easy once you know the HOW.

> Beginning to look at how you can weave your message into your copy and content, with a task to give this a go!

> We’ll also be looking at how to check if things are in alignment with your message, and how to change things up if not.

> Group Coaching Call.

> A well deserved (virtual) cuppa or glass of fizz for getting this crucial part of your journey NAILED.


Copy that Converts

In this module, we’ll be taking your message and putting it straight into your copy. Here’s what we’ll be working on:

> Looking at who your dream clients are, and the problems they’d love you to solve.

> We’ll also be looking at what they THINK they need solving vs what they REALLY need from you (and how to write copy around this)

> Your Tone of Voice… putting you into your copy plus learning how to write copy in line with your message and vibe.

> Practice practice practice… it’s time to channel your inner copywriter and let it all flow (I’ll be showing you how to make this happen!).

> OPTIONAL EXTRA: Individual, personalised web/ sales copy audit with VIP Level or at an extra cost of £137 (usual cost £197).

> Copy Clinic.

> Group Coaching call including Copy Check hot seat.


Soulful Selling (without Selling Your Soul)

Module 7 is the module you’ve all been waiting for. We’ll be taking everything you’ve learnt and implemented so far to begin to create content your audience will love.

I’ll be sharing:

> The Ideas Incubator Method… my very own way of thinking up and refining content ideas.

> Different types of content, encouraging you to develop a strategy which will work best for you with as little overwhelm as possible.

> There’ll be plenty of implementation in this module, with a chance for you to gain personalised feedback along the way too.

> BONUSES: Content Creation Masterclass Content and Planning Workshop… that’s your content for January= DONE. Plus you’ll learn how to make content creation, planning and scheduling a priority on a month to month basis.


Content that Connects

Module 7 is the module you’ve all been waiting for. We’ll be taking everything you’ve learnt and implemented so far to begin to create content your audience will love. I’ll be sharing:

> The Ideas Incubator Method… my very own way of thinking up and refining content ideas.

> Different types of content, encouraging you to develop a strategy which will work best for you with as little overwhelm as possible.

> There’ll be plenty of implementation in this module, with a chance for you to gain personalised feedback along the way too.

> BONUSES: Content Creation Masterclass Content and Planning Workshop… that’s your content for January= DONE. Plus you’ll learn how to make content creation, planning and scheduling a priority on a month to month basis.


Lead Magnets which Attract

In our final Module we’ll be crafting a lead magnet ready for you to go it alone and start attracting those dream clients. This module includes:

> Thinking up ideas, you’ll be becoming a pro at this by now!

> Looking at the different types of lead magnets and discovering which ones feel good to you… from Master classes to challenges, video series and more.

>Creating a kick ass, emailing collecting lead magnet ready to grow your list.

> Talking through setting it up, with tips on outsourcing and how this can take your business to the next level.

> Checking in on your message and copy, ensuring that everything you’ve learnt so far shines through in your opt in and more.

> Recap and check in for our penultimate group coaching call.


Navigating the New Year

I know how crazy the lead up to Christmas can be, and how it can be easy to lose focus even though you want to keep going. So… I’m adding in an extra week for us to re-group, recap and get ready to hit the ground running for 2021. Our very last week will include:

> A detailed recap of Module 1-8, with Q & A to go over anything you’d like extra support with.

> Group Coaching Call to check in and share our intentions for the year ahead.

> Content plan review, with a content scheduling session this week too.

> Detailed feedback and testimonial time… your chance to help me make any tweaks needed ahead of launching what will be my signature group programme!

Master your message and start creating the content your audience have been waiting for…

Learn and master the missing ingredients you need to attract your dream clients and
customers simply by being you!

Not only do you get all of this, but you’ll receive these

(Total Value= £500)




TODAY and begin attracting your dream clients and customers to
make more sales and feel good in your business

Choose from two investment options and let’s get your feel good journey underway…


The opportunity to be a guest on my podcast ‘Find Your Feel Good For Female Entrepreneurs’ as a case study plus for a general chat around your business and niche too.

Easy, shareable content which is a perfect vehicle for sharing your message.



* Seems too good to be true for the amount of value included? I mean, what’s the catch right? I’ll let you in to a little secret (which isn’t a secret at all)… this is the first time I’ve run this programme and so I am offering it at this cost in exchange of detailed feedback and testimonials. I would LOVE to have you on board as part of this process, and so as a thank you- should you accept- I am gifting my soon to be signature programme at 60% the usual investment. This is the ONLY time I will be offering it at such a low price point, I know the value of this programme… and I will be inspiring you to know your worth every step of the way too.


If you love the idea of a group but would like additional 1:1 support, my VIP Option could be for you. For just £140 more you’ll receive:

  • A personalised copy audit (worth £197). This is a chance to get my eyes (and hands!) on your web and/ or sales copy to check it’s in line with your message plus I may just spruce it up a little too.
  • A 90 minute 1:1 Messaging and Branding Deep Dive (worth £175), this works in line with Module One… let’s dig deep together, and see what we find!


= £737 (paid in full)

OR 3 x £287 monthly instalments

If you still have any questions before you enroll please email info@findyourfeelgood.co.uk and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

*A 6 month payment plan may be possible, please contact me to discuss this option.

I know that investing in your business can be a big decision, as well as how difficult it can feel to take a leap of faith when purchasing a programme or course. I’m so confident that what this programme brings however outweighs the cost overall. I get that it may still feel daunting investing before you see what’s inside this programme though. For this reason I offer a 60 day no-risk refund policy. Join Brandless to Brand YES today and if- by 17th December 2020- you don’t feel you’ve received value from the programme you can email hello@findyourfeelgood.co.uk to begin the refund process. Show my team that you’ve completed all the assignments and attended each week’s call or workshop or watched the replay, and we’ll give you your money back with no further questions asked. There really is nothing to lose and so much to gain!


Q: I’m short on time, will I be able to join in fully and make it through this programme?

A: I hear you, this is often my concern when enrolling onto something too. But, I MAKE the time… and I will be inspiring you to make time for it too (we’ll be talking time management as part of week one).

Q: I don’t have a list or big following yet, will this programme still help me to grow?

A: Oh I know this one too, in fact- confession time- I don’t have a big following or huge email list either. BUT I do make connecting with my audience a huge part of what I do, and quality over quantity wins every time! Plus, getting your message and vibe right will help you GROW your following.Q: What if I can’t make the live calls or some of the workshops? Will I still benefit?

A: 100% YES… ensuring you make time elsewhere to watch the replays and/ or stay connected within the group. There’ll also be implementation sessions and Q & A’s to go over anything you haven’t had chance to catch up on just yet or to help you start taking action outside of a module. Plus, there’s no behind! Barring the live elements, you can do this at your own pace.

Q: What’s the difference between this programme and going to a branding agency?

A: The main difference… YOU! With my coaching style I 100% ensure that you are as involved in creating your brand as possible, this way you’ll feel aligned plus will learn the skills to create copy and content in line with your message without the need to be paying a copywriter or designer every time you want to post or send an email!

Q: Does the programme include brand and/ or logo design?

A: This programme focusses on brand strategy rather than identity, although I will be showing you how to create gorgeous looking content in line with your brand. There IS an option to upgrade to having your full brand identity created for you by my very own brand designer, at an additional cost of £800 + VAT.

Q: I’m ready to sign up yet I’m still worried about investing, would an extended payment plan be possible?

A: Depending on the number of people paying in full, I may be able to offer a 6 month payment plan at £125 for the standard enrolment option, please contact me to discuss.

Q: When will the group close? Will I be able to catch up if I HAVE missed some of the programme?

A: The programme will officially finish 10th January 2021, HOWEVER the group will remain open for a further 4 weeks to allow for catch up PLUS as an extra bonus you’ll receive 2 months access to my membership where the support will continue (due to be launched February 2021).

Here goes… decision time

You can keep feeling stuck and frustrated OR you can learn how to master your messaging, copy and content to start connecting with your dream clients… at a never to be repeated, high value, super low cost.

Final thoughts…

I know there can be so much to think about when running a business, and that it can feel pretty daunting deciding what to invest in to take you and your business to the next level.

The thing is… WHAT IF you keep hustling hard yet what you’re offering still doesn’t come across as you’d like it to? It doesn’t matter how amazing you, your products or your services are- or how gorgeous your logo or website look… if your messaging and/ or alignment is off you’ll keep feeling frustrated and stuck. Get your message right, teamed with a little mindset and brand strategy, and everything else really will flow. Your copy, your content, your offers… all coming from YOU knowing exactly what to say and how to say it.  

So, my final question… Would you like to take control of your message, copy and content once and for all?

I would love to help you with all of this and more… let’s create a brand you and your dream clients will say YES to!

Much Love,   


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