We have a Summer Special....


A little taste of Ibiza right here in the UK...

Last year I set upon a verrry ambitious project… to renovate a 1970’s leisure yacht into an Ibiza inspired cruiser!
With help from my family we completed the bulk of the renovation last Summer and into the water it went! We are now putting the final touches together to be able to offer this experience to our family and friends. We love it so much we can’t wait to share it with you, we also have a LOT of fees to cover on top of the renovation costs too! 
Introducing ‘Eivissa’: a unique and quirky staycation with a twist!
It’s moored on Lake Windermere in the beautiful Lake District, Uk and it’s definitely an adventure… one that begins the moment you get there as you’ll need to row a short distance- in our wooden rowing boat- to reach the boat itself!   
This truly is an amazing way to stay in the Lake District; what could be better than staying on a lake itself? 
It’s tucked away in a quiet, non tourist area, and- apart from the odd wave from passing boat tours in the distance- it’s a serene yet exciting experience to remember. 
Imagine waking up surrounded by the water, with areas on top of the boat for relaxing on should the weather be kind (a bit of a roulette in the lakes, thank fully we have board games on board for those rainy days!).
Then there’s night time… you can see so many stars on a clear night, the perfect way to relax and enjoy a glass or 2 or a brew! 
There’s a passenger ferry- a 10 minute walk away- which is £1 per person each way or £5 per way by car (ferries are every 20 mins). 
So it would be row to shore, tie the rowing boat up (wellies or water shoes advised!), walk to the ferry and head across for a shower plus to the outdoor cafe too.
There’s a cafe closer to the mooring at Claife Viewing station (with a stunning view of the lake) which is a 5 minutes walk away, open daily 10am-4pm.
Parking is just across from the embankment and will be free using our National trust card.  
Maximum occupancy: 2-3 adults or 2 adults & 2 children (or 1 child if under 5 years old, to be supervised at all times)… we manage with 3 but it’s quite a squeeze! Plus 1 dog allowed. Life vests provided (for the humans, not dogs 🤣).
Think glamping on water (Gloating- it’s a thing!)… with camping stove, sink, chemical toilet, board games, cosy beds plus your own sleeping bags. There’s no heater just yet (not that you need it in Spring/ summer) but this is planned for Autumn. 
Price: (2 night minimum stay)

£150 per night

£50 deposit per night to book, with remaining balance due 6 weeks before, dates are transferable up to 4 weeks before or later if we are able to book it out again. The boat will be cleaned and sanitised ready for your stay.


2/3 nights for £120 per night (on the mooring) or £170 per night on the jetty (depending on availability)

Terms & Conditions: Must be paid for in advance, dates will be transferable up to 4 weeks prior

Can pay by PayPal.

Please email me or pm me on social media to ask any questions, alternatively you can check for availability using the calendar below. 

Please note: This is only available to friends and family at present, please contact me if you know of someone who would like to book outside of this.  

Where is she moored?

When is Eivissa already booked?

The calendar shows the bookings we have confirmed but, it can take me a little while to update. Soooo, if you would like to hire Eivissa, please let me know the dates that you would like and, I’ll double check that she is still available.

Book a VIP Day with a difference!

I’m so excited to offer VIP days as part of my business… 7 hours working on the inner workings and outer framework of your business and brand, whilst feeling inspired by the energy of the water and surroundings too:

Small workshops for 2-3 people also available- please contact me for information and/ or to put a bespoke workshop together
VIP Day outline (times to be arranged)
90 minute deep dive- looking at your values, niche, dream clients and offers. 
Tea/ coffee break and chill
90 minutes- time to find out what your message is, give it a makeover and/ or start to look at how to use it! 
Lunch- Afternoon Tea
60 minutes content planning 
Tea/ coffee break
90 minutes- putting a plan in place to start sharing your message and content, in ways which work for you! We’ll also agree on a 30 minute call in 2 weeks time to catch up and go over anything which needs tweaking, with 2 weeks voxer support in between too. 
*Introductory offer​*: £1200 (will be £1500) in exchange of feedback and a testimonial, option to stay overnight on the boat +£150 per night
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