Who am I and how can I help you to thrive online?


(pretty sure I get called other things too but who even cares?)

Yep, that’s right… recovered people pleaser here. I used to NEED praise and would feel so hurt and upset by criticism, but since working on my mindset and following my own path I discovered that, actually, I don’t need to care about what others think… I only need to focus on my own mission. Helping women just like you to not give a damn either or at least to care less, and show up more!

You see, caring what others think, only trying to please your ideal clients, needing praise to validate what you’re putting out to the world only ever does one thing… it holds you back. It stops you stepping up and showing the world how amazing you are.

And this is where your message and brand comes in. To me, it isn’t just about what your ideal clients need to hear (although we will work on this too), it’s about being true to your own values, goals and passions to put the real you out there saying EXACTLY what you want to say through your content and your copy.

So who am I and how can I help you with this?

I’m not really a fan of labels myself but I guess you would call me a Brand Strategist and Copy Coach…  I’m not- however- a copywriter, a marketer, and i’m not a business coach. But I AM good (wait, make that amazing… self belief is also what i’m about) with concepts and copy, I love helping you market yourself creatively and I WILL coach you to feel confident in doing the same. I don’t write straight up copy or create content for you (as amazing as this sounds), I instead work with you to feel confident in doing both yourself… supporting you as we go.  I believe in doing things YOUR way so that your content not only looks, feels and sounds like you but so that you’ll feel totally aligned and ready to show up as YOU.

I can hear what you’re thinking… If I’m NOT these things, then who am I and how did I get to where I am now?

Grab a brew, and let the story begin (oh this is something else I can help you with, story telling as a brilliant tool)…



My story begins back in 2001, I’ll start with something major which shook my world and has shaped my whole journey and path in life… losing my Mum at the age of 21.

I’d taken a year out from uni then transferred to a different course and a different university too (From Media Production in Newcastle to Graphic Design in Manchester). I was 3 months into my first year when I had a phonecall during the night (on the housephone, in the days when we switched our mobiles off at night) which not only broke my heart, but completely stopped me in my tracks too. I quit uni and took time off to grieve, in which time I began to use the gym as a way to distract my grief and feel a bit better. I soon realised how much of a positive impact it was having. I wanted to help others to feel this impact too so qualified as a gym instructor and began my new career, gaining qualifications in Personal Training and specialist certificates specifically for women.

In short, I wanted to help as many women as possible to feel good.

About 3 years into my fitness career however, I began to feel a niggle that I hadn’t finished what I’d started (twice)… to get a degree, something my Mum had been so proud of me for starting as no-one else in our family had been to university. I felt I owed it to myself and my Mum to go back and make it happen.

So I did, deciding to go back to my creative roots rather than something fitness related (people had told me that Sports Science wouldn’t get me any further in my career) and so opted for a BA (hons) in Creative Advertising instead, specialising in Copywriting further into my degree.

I LOVED it, and was pretty damn good at it too. I won a student award and got a First, yet what came next totally knocked me off my pirch.

Summer 2008, the recession. My degree and portfolio becoming pretty unusable as the shutters on the advertising industry came down , although on reflection I now realise how this was very much to do with my lack of self belief too as others on my course DID get placements and jobs whilst I held back and perhaps didn’t fight for it as I could have done. I fell into a depression, going from temp job to signing on to job seekers allowance, until deciding to give up on my dream altogether (the ironic thing here is I would have hated working in advertising so it wasn’t my dream after all).

I decided to close the door on my degree, on a career in advertising or copy writing, putting the trauma around getting my degree (I’d also gained weight, lost friendships and was in debt) in the past… telling myself that the purpose had been to get a degree, make my Mum proud, then move on.

I decided go back to the very thing that made me feel good… fitness.

I set up my own personal training company called ‘Feel Fab’, with previous clients already waiting to sign up again, and went on to have 10 successful years with my business running mainly off referrals, clients staying with me for years, events and workshops PLUS a sold out fitness retreat in 2019 which was everything i’d hoped and more. Oh and I had 3 gorgous children within this time too, somehow surviving the juggle and continuing with my business success (although I did develop anxiety in this time, but that’s another part of my story).

All was going amazingly until April 2019 when I suffered a miscarriage, and suddenly I felt grief and despair all over again. This time though, fitness didn’t save me. My mindset did.

And this is where my new story begins (quick break to grab another cuppa perhaps?)…

I felt lost and so low until what would have been my due date in November. The whole year of 2019 was pretty much a wash out apart from my retreat which luckily I had already sold out and committed to prior. After the due date, I picked myself back up and decided to pivot slightly from fitness (whilst still personal training my fabulous clients too) more towards mental wellbeing and bringing women together. Life was about so much more than weight loss or six packs, it was about a) getting through lifes ups and downs and b) living! I made big plans for 2020 on the back of this, including launching my very own podcast ‘The Feel Good Movement’, planning my next retreat and beginning monthly ‘Feel Good Together’ in-person events where I was the main speaker and hostess whilst connecting women together too. I even won an Award as ‘North England’s Women’s Personal Trainer of the Year’.

My launch was a sell out and was just incredible, I was so excited for the next event.

This was 28th February 2020, we all know what happened next.

Lockdown, and my dreams of my monthly events and retreats shattered, my business on hold overnight. I did keep my podcast going plus launched ‘Chats with Carly’ on Youtube though, and they undoubtedly kept me going during those long, hard months.

It felt tough to take another knock so close to my last one, yet I’d become a dab hand at finding inner strength and adapting when I needed to.

It gave me time to stop and reflect. I hadn’t felt completely aligned with fitness and wellbeing since my miscarriage but couldn’t quite put my finger on why other than life being about more. And then it dawned on me, I absolutely loved creating and hosting my podcast and Youtube chats, I’ve always loved writing for social media and for publications too, I willingly and enthusiastically help others with their copy and content and noticed that people would naturally ask me to look over ideas, concepts and copy too… from family and friends to fellow proffessionals.

An opportunity to work with a lovely coach working on her messaging and copy arose, and suddenly it all clicked into place. It’s funny how the universe can work like this giving you exactly what you need once you become open to receiving it (Disclaimer: I love mindfulness and the law of attraction, and have become a bit woo on my journey too!). Yep, I’d finally found my feel good.

So, here I am. At the beginning of this new chapter, whilst returning to an old one at the same time. Deciding that I AM good enough, that I was always good enough and that I just needed to believe it, not care what others think and trust my own intuition.

I want this for you too, getting to the heart of YOU as your brand/ business, feeling aligned with your values and message to confidently and consistently put yourself out there to show the world how amazing you really are!

I’d love to help you find YOUR feel good and your voice, to stop questioning your ability and message, to stop being a slave to your phone or laptop and hell to even begin to make more time for you too (my years in wellness have to come in to this somehow).

I know you want all of this for yourself, so let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit! I offer a free, no obligation 20 minute brand strategy call where we can explore which stage you’re up to as well as how we would work together.


By working on YOU, your alignment and your messaging, I just know I can help you to truly feel good in yourself, your message and your brand to start attracting your dream clients.



Well that’s my story and credentials, here’s more about who I am. ME, as I am, right now…

I’m very free spirited and hate conforming, I was always an absolutely awful employee as I don’t take kindly to being told what to do! I’m a proud Mum of 3 girls age 5, 6 and 8, I live in a village on the outskirts of Preston in Lancashire with my hubby, our girls and our 2 Guinea Pigs. I’m currently a little obsessed with books to do with mindset, creativity, growth or mindfulness which shows up in my own content online. Another obsession seems to be dresses and jewellery which I’m putting down to 18 years in the fitness industry, living in lycra! One last obsession… Ibiza, my spiritual home. It’s where my next retreat will be in 2021/2022, with copy/ messaging/ content and branding as a big feature (including- get this- branding photos for all attendees) whilst working on our  mindset and wellbeing too. I literally cannot wait to share my happy place! I’m a big advocate of mindfulness which has helped me massively with my anxiety, and do encourgage it as a tool in reducing overwhelm and procrastination too.

Well, that’s me! I’d love to get to know you. Please do head on over to my free Facebook Group, follow me on Instagram and/ or book a free call with me and let’s see how I can help you to feel more aligned in your business and in life, whilst attracting more of your dream client too!

Carly x

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