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About Carly Keighley

…Personal Brand Strategist, Copy Queen, Podcaster, Speaker, Energetic Action taker and Mum of 3.

You may have read a bit about me on my home page, yet I’d love to share a little more here too. We can’t have an About Me page without much about me after all!

Here goes…

I live in a village in the North West of England with my hubby, our 3 girls and our 3 Guinea Pigs (also girls). I’m book obsessed, love being creative especially taking on projects (current project is a boat restoration!) and l love love LOVE Ibiza, aka my spiritual home. It’s where my first ever overseas retreat will be in September 2022.
I work with clients all over the world, and just love what I do. I’m pretty damn good at it too (owning your brilliance as something I love to work on). In fact, let’s put owning my brilliance even further into action…

I’m an amazing copywriter and copy coach, my attention to detail is second to none. I can instantly spot and fix anything which isn’t quite making sense or feeling right… in fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s my no.1 superpower.

I have 10 years of running my own successful business, starting my entrepreneurial journey as a Personal trainer and Wellbeing Coach before transitioning into personal branding and copy coaching during the first lock down last year… reconnecting with my degree in Creative Advertising specialising in Copywriting. Which interestingly enough I gained a First in AND won a national student award to YET I still didn’t believe I was good enough. I now know 100% that I am, I always was, and I won’t stop until you 100% believe this in yourself too.

I’ve never felt so certain of my mission, with a knowing feeing of being exactly where I should be. I would LOVE for you to feel this too, reconnecting with your purpose and mission and/ or taking it to the next level. 

Lastly… I’m an out and proud feminist and all round champion of women, my ‘why’ is most certainty my daughters… wanting them to know that they can do and be anything they want!

I not only want this for my girls, I want this for you too! Helping you to find your place in the online world, to then step into that place knowing how amazing you are… and showing it!

Tapping into who you are (putting you into your band),what your values are, who you want to work with and what you want to achieve in your business and brand… to then soar as high as you can.

I’d love to be part of your journey.

"After working with Carly I felt clear about what I needed to do, calm and even excited about doing it. I'd highly recommend working with Carly."
Helen Hardware
The Soul Confidence Coach


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