Are you ready to Step into who you are and show up as you want to?

To own your brilliance, and share it with your audience and the world?

To know your message, and learn how to communicate it?

To attract more dream clients simply by being YOU? (with a little strategy too)

The big question…

Hi I’m Carly, a Personal Brand Strategist and Copy Queen… I mean Copy Coach based in the North West of England, UK. I’m on a mission to help and empower as many female entrepreneurs to step into who they are, be more visible, connect with their dream clients and make the impact they know they can make to SOAR as high as they can through their personal brand.

When I say brand, I don’t mean how what you put out to the world looks… I mean how it FEELS. More specifically… how YOU and what you do make your audience and potential clients feel, so that they get to know, like and trust you to become your greatest fan.

If only it was this simple right? With the right kind of guidance and support, it totally can be!

You see, right now… who you are, who your dream clients are and what they need from you may (or may not) sound easy enough to identify, deep down you might even feel that you know the answer to both… yet getting it out of your head and into words? Not so easy! In fact, almost impossible.

Wanna know why? Because – like it or not (spoiler, I’ll soon have you LOVING this next fact).. this is all about YOU, and that can feel pretty tricky I know. Asking yourself what your values are, what your mission is, and how what you do transforms the lives of the clients you want to work with requiring a LOT of self belief and singing your own praises, two things- as women- we’re not naturally great at.

And that's where I swoop in...

Carly Keighley personal brand strategist

‘Showing up’ and being consistent needn’t be as hard or as impossible as they feel, not if I have anything to do with it! Let me help you to dig deep, discover what you’re all about and find the words you REALLY want to say, as well as what your audience want to hear (without the holding back!). Not getting support with this and attempting it yourself? You are quite literally stopping yourself from showing how amazing you are to those who need you! In fact, more than that… you are stopping yourself from making the impact and income you want to (and can) make.


Let me help you to get super clear and focussed, whilst feeling re-energised and excited again too. Oh yes, I won’t stop until you feel that same buzz you felt when you first started your business… your brand and mission becoming mine! Let’s rediscover who you are, what your mission and message is and how you can show up in a way which not only sounds good, but which FEELS good too… outside and in.

Let me help you find the words you want to say, the confidence you want to feel, the energy and vibe you want to put out, oh and the clients you want to help. I’m here to take you under my wings, and help you find yours.

The success you KNOW you can achieve awaits… You ready to go get it? With me by your side?

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