Dream Client Attracting Strategy for Coaches & Entrepreneurs

Messaging, Copy Coaching, Bespoke Content Creation and Visibility Mentoring to help you ‘show up’ in ways which align, connect, attract and sell! 

Hi I’m Carly… 

But you can call me Cupid; here to help you connect with the most dreamiest of clients who are ready to not only work with/ buy from you… but to become your soul aligned, BFF clients too.

I’m guessing you’re here because something isn’t connecting in how you show up, resulting in you holding back from actively attracting the types of clients or customers you truly want to- despite all the free guides you’ve signed up to and courses you’ve bought- BUTTTT… you’re ready to put the right support in place until you are.

Perhaps you’re already attracting who you want to, but want to refresh and keep the spark going… relationships take long term effort and new ideas after all.

Whichever way- you’re done with going it alone, second guessing and winging it… you’re finally ready to give your copy, content and inner workings of your brand the VIP treatment it deserves.

You can’t expect to attract or keep attracting next level clients who are ready to invest their time, energy and money- if you’re not showing up with this exact vibe.

Which meeeaanns… getting support and guidance to help you step up and play bigger, to attract clients or customers ready to play bigger too.  

Introducing… me! Brand Strategist, Copy Coach, Content Extraordinaire:

Here to help you attract the clients of your dreams; connecting and communicating with them in an aligned, relatable and non sleazy/ salesy way (no-one likes a sleaze!). 

How? By helping you write and create more intentional copy and content, all from having a solid yet aligned brand strategy which aligns with your core values, to attract exactly who you want to… and repel who you don’t!

Have you ever read or listened to something which speaks directly to you? As though whoever it is has got inside your head to know exactly how you’re feeling and what it is that you need?

Yep, that’s what I help with… whilst adding strategy and a touch of sparkle too! 

Ready to find your BFF clients?

Let’s show the universe that you are ready to attract dream clients who are waiting, right now, for you to sweep them off your feet (or should that be feed?). I call it the ‘Law of Client Attraction’ (see what I did?) and trust me, it works! I have lots of happy dream clients to prove it.

Less match making, more action needed? I also help SME’s plus bigger brands with brand strategy, ideas and concepts, copywriting and content creation- which you can read about here.

Whether you’re wanting a little reassurance, accountability, new ideas or full on mentoring and support… I’m here to align you with those dream clients or customers of yours, to help you make the impact I know you want to make.



Let’s dig deep and uncover what your mission and message REALLY is, and put a plan in place to start showing up ways which not only connect, but which align with you AND your dream clients too.

Finding the words you want to say, showing up with the confidence you’d love to feel, and becoming the energy you want to attract.

I’m ready to take you under my wings, and help you find yours…

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